The company is certified for international standards ISO 9001:2015 and aviation quality standard AS9100:D.




Design and development


Engineering design and development capabilities:


  • Airborne platforms
  • Smart production forms
  • Composite materials parts
  • Engineering solutions in the company’s areas of expertise

Composite material parts Manufacturing


Specializing in the manufacture of wet layup of parts using various resin systems, with the necessary adjustments.



Airframe mechanics and riveting


Assembly and riveting of aeronautical complexes using a wide range of materials:


 Aluminum, composite materials, iron and others.



Painting and sand cleaning


Our company is certified for specialized painting of aircrafts, aircraft parts and various complexes, including the use of various paint systems such as:


Non Slip paint for a variety of uses.

Paint removal projects are carried out chemically or mechanically by sand cleaning.





Our company has been certified by the Israel Aerospace Industries and holds unique certifications by their engineering center for PS based work. We are also certified by the Israeli Airforce and the Ground Forces Experimental Unit.


Our teams are licensed and certified in their fields of operation.





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