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Our company strictly conforms to all relevant aeronautical standards. We have extensive experience with security/military organizations and the ability to establish and manage Turn-Key projects, including management and operation of approved sub-contractors.
Our production plant incorporates advanced design capabilities with manufacturing engineering and final finishing works with composite materials, sheet metal parts and aeronautical complexes. Our manufacturing methods are adjusted to the client’s specific requirements and budget.
We possess the ability to design and manufacture product prototypes and then proceed to mass production.
We are able to address our clients’ specific needs by sending field teams, specializing in engineering, manufacturing and control, directly to the client's premises.
Our plant invests extensive efforts in meeting supply schedules while ensuring that quality standards are always maintained.





אודות החברה




Main areas of operation


  • Design, manufacturing and refurbishment of complexes made of composite materials using the BTP or BTS methods
  • Integration of airborne complexes and systems
  • Electronic processing of various materials, specializing in composite materials
  • Structural assemblies and aeronautical riveting
  • Painting, sealing and finishing works (specializing in aeronautical complexes) including sand spraying and chemical removal of paint




Quality Assurance


Our plant operates a strict quality control system based on the accepted standards in the global aviation industry.
We are certified for international standards AS 9001 and ISO 9001 in the following areas: Design, manufacture of parts made of composite materials, airframe mechanics, riveting, welding, sand cleaning and painting, in the field of aviation and metal.

The plant is a certified supplier of the Israel Aerospace Industries and the Ministry of Defense, and is certified to work in its field of occupation including the Airforce and the Ground Forces Experimental Unit.

Our professional manufacturing teams have been certified by the applicable certifying bodies and hold licenses for their fields of operation.

Our entire professional team is routinely controlled, trained and briefed.
All products undergo a meticulous and comprehensive control process.


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